Our Story

How we became

Chromatic started out as a group of friends that shared the same interesst in K-pop and South-Korean culture.

Dancing is a big part of K-pop so we started to dance together as an activity after school. As our friend group started to grow and more became interessted in K-pop dancing, we wanted to become more organised. So as a result we created a dance crew called “Chromatic Dance Crew”.

In the beginning we used it as a way to just have fun together , learn new dances and become closer. But as the K-pop community grew in Trondheim we wanted to do something more for evenyone who loves K-pop. We started to host small K-pop related events where everyone could join for free.

Recently the community has grown even larger, and we are glad so many share the same interesst as us. We hope that we can an inspiration for everyone in this amazing community we have.

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